I lager.

2 299 kr

Available on-10-03-2021

Size: L41xW41xH70 cm

Color: nature

Handwoven laundry basket of rattan in high quality from our Norah series. The characteristics of this series are the use of natural materials such as bamboo and rattan. They are both plants, that grow fast, are easy to replant, and strong material for home interior. The material is woven and shaped with great precision and passion - a product from the Norah series can take anywhere from 1 day to a whole week to finish.

We see it as a quality stamp, that ensures you a product you will love for many years to come!

All items in our Norah series are woven by women from Myanmar that work from home. In Myanmar, a long tradition has been that a woman should take care of the home and the children when she becomes a mother. The husband will therefore be the only source of income for the family. The work with weaving interior items gives the women an opportunity for an extra source of income.

We have chosen a supplier that makes sure each woman gets the best possible working conditions when they work from home. They get access to the best materials, training, and tools. It turns them into skilled artisans that are necessary to our supplier - they want to spread these working conditions to other rural areas in Myanmar.

When you buy home interior from the Norah series, you participate in supporting the hardworking women - together, we can raise the living standards for those who need it! This is the mission of Lene Bjerre!